Low/Light Viscosity Aromatic RPO

Low/Light Viscosity Aromatic RPO Definition


Low/Light Viscosity Aromatic RPO or Light RPO Is Fully Rich Aromatic RPO By-Product From Solvent Extracting Process To Modify Physical Properties Of The Vulcanization And To Reduce The Cost Of The Finished Product. This Product Has Good Elastomeric Compatibility And Low Volatility. Light Aromatic Process Oil Well-Known According To Its Viscosity Which Meet ASTM standards and ISO 3104 (American Society For Testing And Materials) Standard Test Method For Kinematic Viscosity Of Transparent And Opaque Liquids (Calculation Of Dynamic Viscosity).

Low/Light Viscosity Aromatic RPO Applications

  1. As component in rubber formulations and manufacturing of products such as automobile tires, rubber shock absorber, footwear,  industrial hoses, wire and cable coverings, flooring materials and carrier fluid or solvent in manufacture of adhesives, sealant, polish and carbon black
  2. Used as a lubricant in rubber processing
  3. Used as a component in ink production


  1. Excellent color stability
  2. Low volatility properties
  3. Good solubility properties
  4. Elastomer capability
CHARACTERISTIC Unit Range Test method
Kinematic viscosity @ 100 °C cSt 15- 50 ASTM: D-445
Flash point °C 200-230 ASTM: D-92
Density @ 15°C Kg/m3 1000 D-4052
Aniline point °C 30-40 IP-2
BMCI   80-100  
Sulfur Content wt % 4  
Sodium   Nil  
Potassium   Nil  
Fraction Compound   C A = 35  C N = 30  C P = 35  
VGC   0.971 ASTM D-2501

Light RPO Packing

Kind of Packing Net Weight   Net  Weight of Empty Gross Weight No. of Drum in 20ft Net Weight in 20ft Gross Weight in 20ft
Tolerance :  +/-5%
Drum 210 KG 17-18 KG 218 KG 80 17.44   MT 18.600  MT
Flexi Tank 22 MT 100 KG 22.100 MT 1 22.000 MT 22.100    MT