Bitumen primer D41

Bitumen primer D41 Description

Bitumen primer D41 is a solvent based bituminous
primer suitable for general purpose roofing primer used as dressing to concrete, masonry and metal surface and as a primer coat prior to application of membranes.

Bitumen Primer D41 Applications

– A cold applied solvent based bituminous primer.
– A bituminous liquid primer penetrates deep into the porous substrates to improve the adhesion of bituminous materials that are to be applied to the substrate.
– Conforms to the requirements of ASTM D41.

– General purpose primer for concrete, masonry and metal surfaces.
– As priming coat before applying and bituminous coating
– As priming coat before applying any waterproofing membrane
– Suitable for use as primer below or above ground level

Cover Rate

Coverage rate varies from 0.3 ‐ 0.5 kg/ depending on application method, surface properties and condition of substrates.

Dry Time

Less than 4 hours, to touch depends on local weather conditions.

Preparatory Works

– The surface must be thoroughly cleaned and free from dust, dirt, oil, and grease.
– Bitumen primer D‐41 should be well stirred prior to use and applied to the substrate by means of brush, roller or spray.
– After application don’t leave the primer exposed for more than 12‐ hrs, if this should be the case, apply a further coat and allow curing.
– Tools must be cleaned with any suitable solvents such as gasoline or kerosene.


Specification of Bitumen Primer D41

Color Black
Viscosity Saybolt @ 25 °C 25 – 125 sec ASTM D 88
Specific gravity @ 25 °C 0.958 ASTM D 1475
Solubility in trichloro ethylene 99.7% ASTM D 2042
Density 0.85 ‐ 0.89 ASTD D 70
Distillation volume @ 225 °C 37% ASTM D ‐ 402/D422
Distillation volume @ 260 °C 39.5% ASTM D ‐ 402/D422
Distillation volume @ 360 °C 42.5% ASTM D ‐ 402/D422
Asphalt residue @225 °C 63% ASTM D ‐402
Asphalt residue @260 °C 60.5% ASTM D ‐402
Asphalt residue @360 °C 57.5% ASTM D ‐402
Water Content % <0.3 Max ASTM D6511/D95
Flash Point 45 OC ASTM D 94
Drying time 8 ‐ 12‐Hours In house
Coverage rate 0.3 ‐ 0.5 Kg/mt2 In house
Shelf life 2‐years In house

Health, Safety and Environment

  • use only with proper ventilation.
  • Avoid contact skin and eyes by careful working.
  • Do not use near open flame.
  • It is advisable to use goggles and gloves.
  • In case of eye contact immediately wash
  • with cold water or consult the physician

All safety measures should be observed during application. Fire extinguishers should be available at site. Care should be taken with gas,
and torch should not be rested on finished surface or on any materials that can be scratched by flame or hot torch. Gloves and goggles should be worn by all workers during application.
Read, understand and follow all Material Safety
Data Sheets and product label information for this
product prior to use.