Residue Wax

Residue Wax (Foots Oil) Definition

Residue wax (also known as Foots Oil) is the oil extracted form Slack wax in the process of producing Paraffin wax. Foots Oil contains a high percentage of oil and, based on the oil content, can be found as a liquid or semi-solid in the room temperature. The oily nature of residue wax makes this product applicable as a lubricant in industrial environments. Resides Wax (aka Foots Oil) is a by-product derived from Slack Wax. The greasy nature of Foots Oil along with relatively cheap price, have made this material a suitable substitute in industrial applications.


Residue Wax (Foots Oil) Applications

Used In
1. Matches making.
2. Lubricants.
3. Explosives.
4. Fireworks.
5. Used as hydrophobic impregnation material.
6. Used as fuel brick component.
7. Used to make grease lubricants.
8. Used to make conservation oils.
9. Used for Plastic Industries-Polish-Matches Box.

Foots Oil Characteristics




Oil content %wt max. Congealing point C Color max Viscosity & 100 C (cSt) Color
ASTM D-721 ASTM D-938 ASTM D-445 ASTM D-445 ASTM D-1500
Light Grade 25-40 40 3.9 3.6-4.6 1.5
Medium Grade 25-50 25 3.8-4.4 4.7-6.9 2
Heavy Grade 25-50 25 4.5-6.5 7-11.5 2.5

Foots Oil Packing

Foots Oil packing is in steel drums new or used to avoid any leakage during transportation. new drum cost is so high that is not economic to be used for packing of wax which is the residue of paraffin wax producing and is considered as the cheapest product of the wax producing process. Used drums are washed to be clean enough to be filled with an oily product. ISO tank and flexitank are not used for wax because it is oily enough to be unloaded without heating it and again it is not economic to use these luxury packing for this wax.