Heavy Alkylate BENZENE (HAB)

Heavy Alkylate BENZENE (HAB) Definition

Heavy Alkylate BENZENES (HAB) is a by-product in LAB production process. Heavy Alkylate BENZENES is a mixture of di-phenyl alkanes and de-alkyl benzene. Heavy alkyl benzene (HAB) (also named as Heavy Alkylate) is typically used for production of lube oils, thermic fluids, refrigeration oils, electrical oils, textile auxiliaries, specialty oils and plasticizers. Heavy alkyl benzene is synthetic lubricant base oil with superior oxidation stability, thermal stability, low-temperature fluidity and applies to refrigerating machine oil, electrical insulation oil and heat transfer oil (thermic fluids). (More Info) Sodium and calcium sulphonated derivatives of heavy alkylate are reckoned for high shelf life, which are stable under different climatic situations and works as a surface active agent. The major uses are in dispersion and emulsification of liquids, wetting and dispersion of liquid-solid system, inhibition of rust and corrosion, dispersion and wetting of solids, soluble cutting oils, emulsifiers of soluble cutting oils, rust preventives, leather chemicals, fat liquor, metal treatment chemicals, textile auxiliaries, ore flotation chemical, inks, etc.

Heavy Alkylate BENZENE (HAB) Applications

  1. Heat transfer fluids.
  2. Sulfonation feedstocks (sulfonic acids).
  3. Lube additives.
  4. Greases.
  5. Refrigeration and compressor oils.
  6. Metal forming lubricants / metal working fluids.
  7. Lubricant component.
  8. Dielectric oils.
  9. Fat liquoring oils for the leather industry.
  10. Plasticisers and extenders.
  11. Hydraulic fluids.


  1. Good thermal and oxidative stability.
  2. High flash points.
  3. Low pour points.
  4. Low to high aniline points.
  5. Good solubilising characteristics.
  6. Generally light in colour with low odour.
  7. Low Conradson carbon residues.
  8. Low or zero chlorine content.
  9. Classed as non-hazardous for transportation.
  10. Low levels of polynuclear aromatics.
Appearance Visual Visual Straw Yellow Liquid
Specific Gravity @ 15°C ASTM D – 4052 g/ml 0.86 – 0.87
ASTM Color ASTM D – 1500 1.5 Max
LAB Content UOP 696 % 0.5 Max
Heavy Alkylate UOP 696 % 99.5 Min
Viscosity @ 40°C ASTM D – 445 cSt 21.5 Min