Pool Glue

Pool Glue Definition

Strong and robust underwater adhesives (Pool Glue) are highly demanded for industrial and biomedical applications in water or humid surroundings but remain as one of the major technical bottlenecks in the field.



About Pool Glue


  • 1. Sticks to just about anything, wet or dry! A super-versatile underwater glue for pools and spas
  • 2. Bonds a wide range of materials including ABS, PVC, flexible PVC, fiberglass, metal, glass, ceramic, fabric composites, wood, plastics and concrete
  • 3. Repair light rings, skimmers, cracked jets, main drains, hoses and return lines, leaking fittings and pipes
  • 4. Secure swimming pool hand rails and wall ladders
  • 5. Repair pool and spa coping, cracked tiles and pool steps
  • 6. Use in projects that involve connecting or securing tubing and plumbing
  • 7. Securely bond PVC fittings to copper, galvanized or rusty pipes
  • 8. Anchor rocks in water features
  • 9. Repair irrigation and sprinkler systems
  • 10. “No- waste, No-Mess” resealable, multi-use cartridge dispensing system
  • 11. Concrete surface repairer.
  • 12. Water pipes coating for basements, Terraces, tunnels, bridges, reservoirs.
  • 13. Suitable for sanitary facilities and surfaces adjacent to water.
  • 14. Possibility to install tile on various types of concrete, stone.


  • 1. Hardens in 4 hours
  • 2. Sandable
  • 3. Paintable
  • 4. Flexibility
  • 5. High strength.
  • 6. Easy to implement.
  • 7. High wash resistance
  • 8. Resistance to UV rays
  • 9. Creating a perfectly transparent, colorless, highly flexible film
  • 10. Ability to apply at low temperature without solvent
  • 11. Ability to mix with a variety of fillers and mortars