Granulated Gilsonite

Producer & Supplier


HJOIL Supplies Granulated Gilsonite with a diameter of 30 to 40 meshes and ashes from 0% to 25%.
Gilsonite mines are respectively the largest reserves in the United States, Canada, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Venezuela, China, Australia, Mexico, Albania and Philippines (USGS, 2007; USGS, 2016a). The largest Gilsonite reserves in the world are located in Utah and Colorado states that have been estimated to contain the reserve of 45 million tons, according to the US Geological Survey (Pruitt, 1961; USGS, 2016a, b). Overall, about 65 percent of Gilsonite reserves are located in North American continent consist of the United States and Canada, and Iran accounts for about 15 percent of these reserves as the third largest natural bitumen reserve globally (USGS, 2007; USGS, 2016a).

Packing of Granulated Gilsonite

  • (25 kg ± 5%) multi-layer laminate bags.
  • (25 kg ± 5%) multi-layer paper bags.
  • (25 kg ± 5%) multi-layer Sacks.
  • (25 kg ± 5%) gunny bag.

It also can be palletized, shrinked and wrapped based on customer’s request.


HJOIL Granulated Gilsonite

HJOIL Company is a manufacturer of Gilsonite with different sizes and meshes desired by customer’s request, according to IP standards and 200, 325, 400 and 600 meshes for domestic consumption and export.