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Liquid Paraffin Pharma Grade Definition

Liquid Paraffin Pharma Grade is highly refined colorless & odorless paraffinic mineral oils. These are manufactured from high grade of paraffinic base oils. White Oils are biologically stable product with no tolerance level for pathogenic bacteria support. It is completely free from aromatic hydrocarbons and having high lubrication and insulation properties. Pharma Grade White Oil is used in pharmaceutical industry in manufacturing of formulation development. Liquid paraffin, as mineral oil, is commonly used to treat constipation. The advantage is that it acts as a stool lubricant and decreases the amount of water removed from stool, and the oil itself is not absorbed into the gastrointestinal system. However, it should only be used under a doctor’s supervision, as overuse can lead to deficiencies in vitamins E, D, A and K.

Liquid paraffin can be used to help treat cradle cap in infants. Cradle cap is a condition resulting in dry scaly skin, most commonly found on the head. When shampooing is not effective in removing the scaly skin, apply liquid paraffin to the scalp area and then wrap in warm cloths. Liquid paraffin can also be used to ease inflammation due to diaper rash or irritation due to eczema, and to soften hardened ear wax. Liquid paraffin has many uses in the medical field. Because liquid paraffin passes through the body’s intestinal tract without being absorbed, it can be used as a laxative to limit the amount of water removed from the stool and ease constipation. It is used in the penicillin production process and is also used in some eye lubricants. Liquid paraffin can be used to ease diaper rash and eczema irritation.

Liquid Paraffin Pharma Grade Applications

  1. Used to help treat cradle cap in infants.
  2. Used to ease inflammation due to diaper rash or irritation due to eczema.
  3. Used to soften hardened ear wax.
  4. Used in the penicillin production process.
  5. Used in some eye lubricants.
  6. Base for ointments and emollients

Liquid Paraffin Pharma Grade CHARACTERISTICS

Appearance VISUAL Transparent clear, colorless, odorless liquid free from suspended impurities
Colour – Saybolt ASTM D 156 +30
Density @ 25 ºC, gm/ml ASTM D 1298 > 0.810
Viscosity @ 40 ºC, cSt ASTM D 445 7 – 12
Flash Point ºC min ASTM D 92 145
Pour Point, ºC, max ASTM D 97 – 15
Carbonisable Substance USP Passes
Acidity / Alkalinity USP /BP Passes
Sulphur Compounds USP /BP Passes
Solid Paraffin’s USP /BP Passes
Viscocity in SSU ASTM D 445 60
Poly nuclear compounds FDA 21 CFR

  1. 878
Conforms to USFDA 21 CFR 172.878 & 178.3620(a) US FDA / USP Passes
Conforms to USP/NF USP/NF Complies
Conforms to IP / BP IP / BP Complies