Gilsonite Definition

Gilsonite is a naturally occurring glossy black asphaltic, solid hydrocarbon resin with a low specific gravity. It occurs in its very pure natural state in a mineral called Uintaite. Gilsonite, or Natural Asphalt is a natural, resinous hydrocarbon found in northeastern Utah. Natural Asphalt is a unique natural hydrocarbon high in asphaltenes and nitrogen compounds so it is a granular solid that is fully compatible with bitumen. It can be melted into hot bitumen, added during the hot-mix manufacturing process, or blended into a preservation treatment.


This natural asphalt is similar to a hard petroleum asphalt so it’s other names are natural asphalt, asphaltite, uintaite, or asphaltum. Gilsonite is soluble in aromatic and aliphatic solvents, as well as petroleum asphalt. Due to its unique compatibility, natural asphalt is frequently used to harden softer petroleum products. natural asphalt in mass is a shiny, black substance similar in appearance to the mineral obsidian. It is brittle and it can easily crush into a dark brown powder.

Gilsonite is below the earth’s surface in vertical veins or seams that are generally between two and six feet in width but also can be as wide as 28 feet. The veins are nearly parallel to each other and they are in orient-shape in a northwest to southeast direction. They extend many miles in length and as deep as 1500 feet.  The vein will show up on the surface as a thin outcropping and gradually widen as it goes deeper. Due to the narrow mining face, natural asphalt is mined today, much like it was 50 or 100 years ago. The primary difference is that modern miners use pneumatic chipping hammers and mechanical hoists.

Gilsonite Applications

1- In Oil & Gas

  • Drilling Fluid Loss Control
  • Cementing

2- In industry

  • Inks & Paints
  • Asphalt
  • Isolation
  • Chemical Products
  • Coating
  • Foundry & Construction

HJOIL Gilsonite

HJOIL company has 3 complete lines for producing micronized powder (Hammer mill, Alevators, 3 silos for feed storage, 3 separator mills, 3 bag filters and 3 automatic filling envelopes and all accessories), A unit of niches (850 square meters) for products Storage, 1800 square meters of niches (300-tonne floor concrete) for depot and primary feed storage (Gilsonite hollows), a laboratory unit equipped for quality analysis and control. The company also has forklift trucks for loading, palletizing and pallet packing systems and three 60 tons bunker screwdriver.

Different Grades Of Gilsonites HJOIL Produces:


1- with ash content up to 5%, moisture up to 1% and meshes 30, 40, 100, and 300.
2- with ash content up to 10%, moisture up to 1% and meshes 30, 40, 100 and 300.
3- with ash content up to 15%, moisture up to 1% and meshes 30, 40, 100 and 300.
4- with ash content up to 20%, moisture up to 1% and meshes 30, 40, 100 and 300.
5- with ash content up to 25%, moisture up to 1% and meshes 30, 40, 100 and 300.


  • Oil & Gas

  • Industry

  • Lump Gilsonite

  • Granulated Gilsonite

  • Micronized Gilsonite Powder